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ISO name: Acetamiprid

CAS No.: 135410-20-7

Chemical name:EN-[(6 - chloro -3 - pyridyl)]-N-(2) - cyano-N-methyl acetamide

Structural formula:

Molecular formula:C10H11ClN4

Molecular weight:222.68

Physicochemical properties:Light yellow crystalline powder, specific gravity is 1.330, melting point is 98 ~ 101 ℃, vapor pressure is <1 × 10 ^ (-8) mmHg. (25 ℃), the water solubility of about 4g / L, soluble in most polar organic solvents. Acetone> 200, ethanol> 200, dichloromethane> 200, hexane 0.00654 (both at 25 ℃ g / L). In neutral or acidic medium stability, room temperature stability.

Toxicity: Acute oral LD50: hung 217mg/kg, females 146 mg / kg; mice: hung 198mg/kg, females 184 mg / kg; acute percutaneous LD50: male, female> 2000mg/kg.

Action characters:The product has stronger role in toxicity and infiltration, residual long period of cucumber, apple, citrus trees have better control aphids.

Target: aphid of Orange, apple, cucumber

Specification: ≥95%

Packing: 25kg bag or 40kg drum.


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