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ISO name: Nitenpyram

CAS No.: 150824-47-8

Structural formula:

Molecular formula: C11H15ClN4O2

Molecular weight: 270.68

Properties: It is light yellow crystalline powder, specific wt.: 1.330, m.p.: 98~101℃, vapor tension: <1×10^(-8)
mmHg (25℃), solubility in water: 4g/L, soluble in most polar organic solvents, in acetone >200, in ethanol >200,
in dichlormethane>200, in hexane: 0.00654(25℃g/L). It is stable in neutral or acidic medium, stable at room temperature.

Toxicity: rat per os: LD50: male; 1680mg/Kg, female: 1575 mg/Kg; mouse acute per os LD50: male: 867mg/Kg, female: 1281 mg/Kg; rat percutaneous LD50: male/female >2000mg/Kg; rat inhalation: LC50(4 hours): 5.8g/L.
It is slightly irritating to rabbit’s eyes, but non-irritating to rabbit’s skin.

Action Mechanism: It mainly effects the nerve of insects.

Targets: Rice, vegetables and other piercing mouth parts insects.

Specification: ≥95%

Packing: 25kg bag or 40kg drum.


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