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ISO name: Hexaconazole

CAS No.: 79983-71-4

Chemical name:  (RS) -2 - (2,4 - dichlorophenyl) -1 - (1H-1, 2,4 - triazol -1 - yl) - F -2 - alcohol

Structural formula:

Molecular weight:  314.2

Physicochemical properties:The sterling is clear crystal or powder froth, the melting point 111℃, vapor tension 0.01mPa(20℃)25℃ time density 1.29g/cm3. solubility (20℃): Water 0.018mg/L, methyl alcohol 246g/L, toluene 59g/L, the stability, the room temperature (40℃ below) in 9 months does not decompose at least, stable in acid, alkalinity (PH5.7-9) peroxide solution in 30 days, in PH7 peroxide solution stable in ultraviolet radiation next 10 days .

Control index: content ≥ 95%, acidity (H2SO4 dollars) ≤ 0.5, water ≤ 0.5%, acetone insoluble matter ≤ 0.5%

Crop characteristic:This product is an azole fungicide sterol demethylase of inhibitors of fungi (especially Basidiomycetes and ascomycetes Principal) diseases are caused by broad-spectrum protection and eliminate the role of prevention and control target: effective prevention powdery mildew and inaequalis bacteria, grape strains tee, coffee on the coffee camel Mortierella rust, peanuts on Cercospora mold.

Packing: 25kg bag or 40kg drum.


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