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Pesticides--30% chlorpyrifos EW

Specification: 80g×50 bottles/box; 300g×20 bottles/box; 500g×20 bottles/box 

1. Advanced and environmental-friendly.
2. Strong stomach toxicity and contact poisoning.
3. Quick-speed action.
4. Widely killing insects.
5. Preventing and curing underground insects.

Registered crops and targets: PaddyCnaphalocrocis medinalis

Packing: 80, 300, 500 bottles



Preventing pests


Spray time

Spraying method

Paddy Cnaphalocrocis medinalis 80-120ml grub in the second year starting spraying Spraying with water

1. Safe internal period: 30 days for paddy.
2. This product can not be used with alkalescence pesticides. Detail dosage should be adjusted according to local actual situation.
3. This product is sensitive for fish and bee.


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