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ISO name: Propargite

Chemical name: 2 - (4 - tert - butyl-phenoxy) cyclohexyl-C -2 - acetylene kia sulfate

CAS No.: 2312-35-8

CIPAC digital code: 216

Structural formula:

Experimental formula: C19H26O4S

Relative Molecular Mass: 350.48

Specification: ≥920g/L

Packing: 100kg, 200kg drum

Physicochemical properties:The original drug is dark red-brown viscous liquid, vapor pressure 0.006mPa (25 ℃), the density of 1.1130 (20 ℃), Kow5314, water solubility sub-632mg / l (25 ℃), with many organic solvents such as acetone, benzene, ethanol, n-hexane, heptane and methanol miscibility, 20 ℃ save 1 year without decomposition, in the decomposition of strong acid and alkali (pH> 10), pKa> 12, flash point is 71.4 ℃

Action characters:Low-toxic broad spectrum of organic sulfur Acaricide with toxicity and stomach toxicity.


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