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Fungicides--25% Biphenyl alcohol WP

Specification: 50g×100bags/box

1. New type and high-effective. It has prevent, cure and uprooting.
2. Cure and uproot disease when penetrating plant tissues.
3. High suspensibility
4. High-effective to prevent and cure powdery mildew.

Registered crops in Sword Company:

Suitable crops

Prevention objects


Spray time

Spraying method


Leaf spot

50-83 gram/mu

Original sick period


Using technique:
Spraying pesticide once 12-15 days.

1. Safe internal period: 20 days for peanut.
2. This product is medium pesticide for fish.
3. Please wear respirator, gloves and other defence products when using it.
4. Please clean spraying equipment, and do not pollute water.
5. Pregnant women and lactation women can not use it.


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