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triazole pesticides

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Fungicides--25% Tebuconazole WP

Specification: 10g×400bags/box; 50g×100bags/box; 100g×80bags/box

1. Excellent inner absorption.
2. Strong adhesion.
3. High action, low dosage and high performance price.

Registered crops in Sword Company:

Suitable crops

Prevention objects


Spray time

Spraying method


Leaf spot


Original sick period


Using technique:
Spraying once 10-14 days.

★ Dosage should be adjusted according to local actual situation.
★ Please consult local plant preservation department for detail usage methods in non-registered other crops.
★ This product should store in dry and ventilated conditions, and can not store or transport with food and feed.
★ This product belongs to low toxic product. Please pay more attention to safety when spraying pesticides.


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