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Pesticides--570g/L Propargite EC

Specification: 200ml×20 bottles/box; 250ml×20 bottles/box; 500ml×20 bottles/box; 1000ml×12bottles/box


This product is the new generation organic sulfur acaricide, and has wide usages.

Registered crops in Sword Company:


Preventing pests


Spraying period

Spraying method


red spider

1500-2500 times

the number of acarids is two to four.

Spraying with water

Using technique:
1. Spraying with water when red spiders appear in the oranges.
2. This product has no organization penetration and inner absorption.
3. This product shows big effect above 20℃.

1. Safe interval period: 30 days for orange.
2. Please strictly control chroma when using.
3. This product can not be used with bouillie bordelaise and strong alkali medicament.
4. This product is harmful for bee, fish and other animals.


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